Meet the CEO

Get to know CEO Andrew Papageorgiou through an in-depth interview

Meet Andrew Papageorgiou

What were you like growing up?

I grew up in Chicago with an identical twin brother which made me highly competitive. Even now, we are still the most competitive people ever, we make everything a competition. We explain our competitiveness by saying ‘imagine playing a game of chess against yourself.’ We compete for everything and I think a lot of my drive comes from this constant sense of competition; it’s made me the ambitious businessman I am today. He is also involved in Infinite Global, he’s a corporate trainer.

How did you get into the direct marketing industry?

For five years I was working in sales, for a big electronics company, but I was making just 1% commission. I was young so I decided to take off to Nashville, and give stand up comedy a go. I guess you could say I spent that year trying to ‘find myself’, and I loved doing the stand up comedy. Getting up and speaking to a room full of people, not being afraid to speak publicly; I think those skills have been transferable. But I eventually went back to Chicago, I wanted to make money and I wanted to get back into sales – specifically direct marketing.

What made you set up your own company?

I’ve always wanted to be on the bottom right of a cheque. Throughout my entire life I have never wanted someone to tell me my worth.

Is there a meaning behind your company name ‘Infinite Global’?

The name spawned from my childhood. When I was small I always said I was immortal, I would tell everyone: “I’m going to figure out how to live forever”. I always liked the concept of immortality and infinity.  As life went on, I liked to say “everything is infinite” because I like to view life like that. For example, if I treat a customer well, by providing a high level of customer service and making them happy, they will go home and their happiness will rub off on others. They might tell someone else why they’re happy, who could then come to us and just like that a good experience has gone around in circles, and will forever. To me the concept of infinity is exciting and I believe if you don’t put limits on something, you will reach further than you could ever have imagined.

What skills do you look for in a candidate for Infinite Global?

I look for three things when interviewing someone for a role at my company. They have to have a heart for helping people, a competitive spirit, and the energy and willingness to progress. They must have all three of those things, they can’t have one without the other because I believe those three things make up the necessary drive required to be successful in this industry. They also have to be willing to learn, anyone who cites a mentor is an ideal candidate because it means they have an open mind and are looking to build on what they have learnt so far.

Who is your mentor? And why?

I’ve had a bunch of mentors but I’d say my most important mentor has been Tof, a fellow business owner.  He is my mentor because he has coached me to not just start up a business, but to control and handle operating a business. He’s helped teach and establish entrepreneurs to help them with their dreams. I want to do the same.

What’s been the biggest achievement of your career so far?

The fact I’ve gone from entry level to owning my very own company, in just seven months proves this business is achievable if you are willing to put in your time and work. I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit and I strive for success in the hope that others will see what I’ve done and it will inspire them to follow their goals in life.

What are your short term, mid-term and long-term goals for your company?

My short-term goal is to promote at least 4-7 managers within this year’s period. My mid-term goal is to move to the East Coast and expand out there, and then create an organisation for at least 15+ managers. And my long term goal is to create the kind of organisation most people would only dream of.

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