Infinite Global React to Report Claiming 42% of US Consumers Believe Brands are Untrustworthy

Outsourced sales and marketing specialists, Infinite Global were disappointed to discover 42% of consumers questioned in The Truth in America study believe brands are less truthful than 20 years ago.
CEO, Andrew Papageorgiou, has joined the conversation, explaining why he believes this is an opportunity for direct marketing to regain the trust of consumers everywhere.  

The study, based on a survey of 1,000 Americans aged 18 and over, presented shocking results, with 42% participants agreeing that brands are “less truthful” today than they were 20 years ago.  

It seems the recent clashing of political parties and the ensuing sharp divide of opinions in the U.S, has created an increasing polarization throughout the nation, which is proving problematic for advertising and marketing firms. The Truth in America research suggests that advertising needs to be in tune culturally with the mood and trends of the country now more than ever. The study demonstrates how critical it is for advertisers to get out and speak to consumers, rather than relying solely on data.  

With confidence dropping, Indianapolis’ freshest sales and marketing firm, Infinite Global, have revealed how they view this as a challenge and intend to rebuild the faith of the consumer via the medium of direct marketing.  

The company’s CEO, Andrew Papageorgiou, has weighed in on the subject, explaining: “As a firm who implements direct marketing strategies, I believe we are presented with the perfect opportunity to regain the trust of American consumers.” 

“We conduct our sales in person, speaking directly to members of the public. We are on the front line, capable of gauging people’s core concerns about the industry,” Mr Papageorgiou explained. “We are being granted the opportunity to provide an open, honest and personalized service.” The business owner is determined to improve the current impression American citizens have of advertising, sales and marketing and believes his determined and driven workforce are more than capable of achieving this goal.  

Based in Indianapolis, Infinite Global are a direct marketing firm that specialize in delivering face-to-face, direct marketing campaigns for the brands they represent. As an ambitious business that believes in the importance of empowering aspiring entrepreneurs, Infinite Global are committed to nurturing the talent of young people and helping them develop the skills they need to forge successful careers for themselves.  

Source: http://www.thedrum.com/news/2017/04/04/42-us-consumers-believe-brands-are-less-truthful-20-years-ago-says-study