Infinite Global Discuss the Habits that Can be Life Changing

Sales and marketing firm Infinite Global recently held a meeting with young industry professionals, where they discussed the impact positive habits can have on success, and how practising the right habits can be life changing.

Infinite Global believe that successful people adopt healthy habits that propel them into action and help them fulfil their desired goals. However, with 40 percent of people’s daily actions being habitual, many people find it hard to introduce good habits into their daily routine.

Infinite Global have now revealed that not enough people are using this to their advantage and believe that many people have become accustomed to adverse outcomes of their habitual behaviors.

During a recent meeting, the firm urged its workforce to focus on forming positive habits and use their energy to push their development forward. Infinite Global is now encouraging their contractors to adopt a few life-changing habits that will aid their success.

Embrace life, don’t resist it – Many people often choose to resist negative challenges when things don’t work out as anticipated. However, Infinite Global believe that it is more beneficial to embrace these disruptions as it forces individuals to think outside the box and break stagnant thinking patterns.

Affirm yourself, don’t degrade yourself – One key negative habit that people adopt to degrade themselves often includes asking the wrong questions that disempower the mind instead of empowering it. ‘Instead of asking negative questions such as “Why am I not successful at reaching my goals?”,  people should try rewording questions in a more empowering way that will motivate action and reignite the enthusiasm required to succeed, such as “What are the top three actions I can take to reach my goals?” stated Infinite Global

Brainstorm, don’t blame-storm – Blame-storming can be defined as someone using their creative abilities to create reasons why something is their fault. This often leads to internalising negative emotions and developing a low self-esteem, which consequently reduces the likelihood of achieving success. By brainstorming creative ways to overcome challenges or reach set goals, individuals are more likely to make the required changes needed to achieve positive outcomes.

Based in Indianapolis, Infinite Global are a direct marketing firm that specialises in delivering face-to-face, direct marketing campaigns for the brands they represent. As an ambitious business that believes in the importance of empowering aspiring entrepreneurs, Infinite Global are committed to nurturing the talent of young people and helping them develop the skills they need to forge successful careers for themselves.


Source: http://www.success.com/article/4-powerful-habits-that-will-change-your-life