About us

We are Indianapolis’s most ambitious and dynamic outsourcing provider.

Direct Marketing

Using face-to-face presentations we will take your product directly to the customer. Consumers respect this personalised approach, adding loyalty to your brand.

Customer Acquisition

Here at Infinite Global Consulting Inc. we take the time to speak to and address the needs of your prospective customers, building rapport and long-lasting relationships.

Campaign Management

Clients are confident in our ability to execute innovative campaigns, and we offer detailed campaign progress reports so that you are kept up to date every step of the way.

Why Direct Marketing

In addition to marketers crediting in-person marketing as their most effective marketing tactic for the 6th year in a row, here at Infinite Global Consulting Inc we have also found an increase in effectiveness over the last 12 months. The effectiveness rating for in-person marketing jumped from 64% to 72%. This increase shows that even more marketers are starting to realize the critical importance of direct marketing in the marketing mix.  If you’re business is looking to generate more effective leads and more loyal customers, ask us how we can help.


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